We Are Clay
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We Are Clay is the work of
Anastasia Tumanova


Anastasia Tumanova is a designer and artist in San Francisco. Her latest innovation in capturing nature's beauty are intricately arranged porcelain murals, which evolved from her ephemeral work with fresh leaves and flora. Her work has been shown at First Amendment, Rare Device, and Eleanor Harwood galleries in San Francisco, and West Coast Craft. She shares her work, process, and inspiration on Instagram as @weareclaystudio.


Why We Are Clay?

Clay and people are similar. We are born from the earth, and live from the earth. Clay is forgiving: dent it, hurt it, but a little water makes it all better. We, too, can be hurt or scratched, but time heals all things. Just as clay starts fresh and ready to be shaped and turns brittle and dry like a desert, we cycle through life and death. Just as clay is sensitive to the touch of the hand, humans are sensitive to the influences of the world: the people who surround us, our environments, our governments, our jobs, the images, sounds, and smells of our day-to-day. We absorb our surroundings like sponges, each interaction molding us as clay humans. In that way, we're all connected, shaping one another as we move through this world.