We Are Clay
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We Are Clay is the work of
Anastasia Tumanova


San Francisco-based ceramic artist Anastasia Tumanova makes intricately painted ceramics and innovative porcelain murals that are informed by the energies and colors of nature. Her detailed works are emotive, dynamic, and colorful.

Born in Moscow, Russia, her heritage continues to inform her style, which is evocative of Eastern European folk art. Tumanova's work has been shown at First Amendment Gallery, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, The San Francisco Art Book Fair at the Minnesota Street Project, and West Coast Craft. Her work has been featured by Design Sponge, Create Magazine, Creative Mornings, and Luxe Interiors. She shares her creative process on Instagram @weareclaystudio.

Why We Are Clay?

We Are Clay comes from a philosophy I developed years ago when I saw the connection and common ground clay and people share. I feel that when I work with clay, I am shaping myself every time, growing and refining as a person with every form I create. Creating is a means of growing in virtue, wisdom, and character. On a deeper level, I believe that we’re shaped by what and who we surround ourselves with, just like clay remembers every touch, tug, and pull. Being highly sensitive has made this my truth. I’m careful about where I spend time, my surroundings, and the company I keep. This is an empowering philosophy to me, because it means that we have a hand in what we become, we are self determined beings.