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Blue Reverie



Blue Reverie is a floor to ceiling plate installation of hand painted porcelain, installed in the gallery of Rare Device in San Francisco, California in January 2019. Each plate is intricately illustrated in ultramarine blue hues, and when mosaiced together reveal a larger narrative about love.

This show nearly sold out, with only ten ceramic plates remaining from the
over 193 pieces made for the installation.


Artist Statement

What does it feel like to be loved? In Blue Reverie, we find ourselves in an all encompassing porcelain garden of plateware where a tender narrative unfolds. Magical shades of ultramarine blue paint scenes: an affectionate embrace, a private conversation at night, a moment of presence, a kiss. Intricate and dynamic botanical patterning infuse the imagery with life and joy. The plates feel whimsical in the way they are placed on the wall, as if we’re witnessing a snowfall or a flurry of bubbles making their way across the sky. The blues are vivid and the forms vague, just like our memory and imagination can oscillate between what is real and what remains a mystery. 

Hand built and painted porcelain, Ceramic underglaze

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Photography by Cassandra Jens and David Medal.