Anastasia Tumanova


2016  San Francisco Art Institute, Student of Cathy Lu, San Francisco, CA
2015  Tortus Copenhagen Ceramics, Student of Eric Landon,
          Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, BFA Graphic Design


2017  Solo Show, We Are Clay, Tasja P. Ceramics, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016  Solo Show, Reconnect, City Beer, San Francisco, CA


2017  Women of Clay, Ceramics
          A series of flat ceramic sculptures exploring the female form in clay

2017  We Are Clay, Illustration and Ceramics
          Exploration of feminine themes of sensuality, vulnerability,
          and strength through illustration and clay

2017  Botanical Patterns, Botanicals and Photography
          A photography series exploring shape, pattern, and color
          through living botanical matter

2017 Mandalas, Botanicals and Photography
         A photography series of living botanical matter arranged in                
         meditative mandalas

2017  The Nine Muses, Illustration
          A series of numerical drawings that juxtaposes the supple feminine
          body and organic forms of plants with rigid art deco letterforms

2016  Nature Bits, Botanicals and Photography
          A photography series exploring shape, color, texture, pattern, and
          composition through miniature foraged bouquets.

2016  Ink Dresses, Illustration
          A series of botanical inspired dresses for the curvy and voluptuous
          woman. Made for the social media project, #inktober

2016  100 Days of Women, Illustration
          A series of illustrations exploring themes of nature, femininity,
         joy, love, female empowerment, identity, and motherhood


2017  Botanical Patterns, The Nine Muses Salon, San Francisco, CA
2016  Botanical Watercolors, The Bay School of San Francisco, CA
2016  Botanical Watercolors, The Nine Muses Salon, San Francisco, CA


2017  Kala Art Institute, Artist Member, Berkeley, CA
2017  The Nine Muses Salon, Instructor & Founder, San Francisco, CA
2017  The Potters Studio, Member, Berkeley, CA
2015  The Sharon Arts Studio, Member, San Francisco, CA
2010  The Champaign-Urbana Design Org, Organizer & Board Member, Champaign, IL
2007  The Champaign-Urbana Potters Club, Member, Champaign, IL


2017  Featured Artist, Create Magazine Issue VI
2013  Winner, GDUSA's American Graphic Design Award, Museum of Mathematics Logo


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